Eco Wash Color

Marked with the Noordic Swan. Phosphate-free colour detergent. fragrance free

Eco Wash Color

Fields of application

Phosphate- and zeolite-free detergent. Suitable for color and whitewashing of most textile materials, also for cleaning textiles with microfiber. Effectively washes away dirt stains at all temperatures (30-60 ° C, microfiber material 60-95 ° C). Bleaching effect is achieved when washing above 60 ° C. The product is fragrance free.


– Phosphate and zeolite free detergent.
– Suitable for colour and delicate laundry.
– Multi-enzyme system for effective stain removal.
– Can be used in dosage system.
– Bleaching effect when washing above 60 °C.
– Do not mix whites and dark coloured fabrics when laundering.
– Always follow the label instructions on the textile/fabric.
– No pre-wash needed.

Application instructions

Always follow the dosing instructions on the detergent package. Note! The washing temperature should not exceed 40 ° C when washing black or dark textiles. Always follow the washing instructions on the textiles. Hand wash: Dissolve the detergent completely before putting in the textiles. Soaking is not recommended.


Dosage soft water: light wash: 9ml / kg; normal wash 13ml / kg; heavily soiled laundry 18ml / kg; Dosage hard water: light wash: 12ml / kg; normal wash 18 ml / kg; heavily soiled laundry 24 ml / kg


243010 – 10KG

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