Paint Remover Blue

Water-based painter remover in gel form for metal surfaces

Paint Remover Blue
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Fields of application

Paint Remover Blue is used to remove most types of paints and lacquers from metal surfaces.


– Highly effective paint and lacquer remover
– Subtle scent
– Gel that prevents rapid drying out
– Dyed which makes it easy to see the application surface
– Unites with the underlying paint and “lifts” it off
– Easy to wash off
– Economical

Application instructions

Always stir the product well before use.
Always test the product on a small area (10 x 10 cm) first.
Apply the product in a thick layer with a brush, roller or paint spray- er. The layer of the product must be thicker than the paint layer that is being removed.
Allow the product to work for 30 minutes – 24 hours depending on the type and thickness of the paint/lacquer.
Do not allow the product to dry! Check that the paint/lacquer is completely dissolved so that you can reach the underlying surface before beginning the removal. Dissolved paint is removed with a scraper, brush or hot water pres- sure washer. Subsequently rinse the surface with clean water. Repeat the treatment if necessary.


Consumption approx. 0.5 – 1.0 litre/m2.


317020 – 20L

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