Naturacoat SC Primer

Primer for pretreatment

Naturacoat SC Primer

Fields of application

Primer for pre-treatment of substrates protected by the Naturacoat SC 20 system against graffiti marks. The product is based on water-soluble synthetic polymers and has a low viscosity.

Application instructions

Naturacoat SC Primer can be used on smooth, glossy or surfaces that are difficult to wet if adhesion problems with Naturacoat SC 20 are expected.
Spray on the wall in a normal layer and allow to dry before applying Naturacoat SC 20.

Can be used on all types of natural and artificial stone facades, concrete, brick, metal and aluminum facades but is most often used with glossy substrates. In the case of water-repellent substrates, reduction of the surface tension is necessary before treatment with Naturacoat SC Primer to achieve the best results.

ATTENTION! Do not use or store at temperatures below +5°C.


0.1 – 0.2 l/m² depending on the porosity and structure of the substrate.


306005 – 5L

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