Combination product against algae etc.


Fields of application

Kermit is used as a combined cleaning agent providing algae protection on most surfaces such as roofs, facades, fences, walls, awnings, terrace tables etc.


– Safe for most construction materials.
– Faint odour

Application instructions

Cover any sensitive plants nearby.
Apply the product plentifully using a low-pressure sprayer on a dry underlay.
Allow to stand for approx. 2-26 weeks.
Do not rinse surface but allow weather and wind to effect removal of growth. In the event of extreme overgrowth and if you wish to speed the process, we recommend rinsing with a warm water high-pressure hose – allow the surface to dry before applying the product.


The product can be diluted with water up to 1: 4
Long-term protection is achieved when the product is used in concentrated form. Consumption approx. 0.2 to 0.5 l / m2.


553005 – 5L
553025 – 25L

The product image should be seen as an illustration. Some deviation from reality may occur.