Graffiti Remover Hero

Graffiti remover for exteriors of trains, metros and trams

Graffiti Remover Hero
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Fields of application

GR Hero is used to remove graffiti on the exteriors of trains, metros and trams.


– Effective on spray paint and marker graffiti.
– Gentle on underlying surfaces and materials
– Fast-acting
– Economical

Application instructions

Apply product with a brush or paintbrush.
Apply the product in sections and do not apply so many m2 that the product is at risk of drying. Approx. 10 – 20 m2 is recommen- ded depending on weather and temperature.
Allow the product to work for 5 – 15 minutes depending on the nature of the graffiti.
Use a brush or paintbrush on the surface to ensure that the paint is dissolved.
White nylon scouring pads that do not scratch can be used to treat and remove any “paint drops” from spray paint graffiti.
Then wash off the surface thoroughly using a soft brush and run- ning water or a hot water pressure washer and low pressure.
For thick layers of graffiti, it can be necessary to repeat the treat- ment and for large amounts of Tectyl graffiti, it can be necessary to use GR Tectyl M.


The product is used in concentrated form. Consumption approx. 0.3 – 0.5 litre/m2.


314005 – 5L

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