Easy Glass Coat

Glass protection for vehicles

Easy Glass Coat

Fields of application

Easy Glass Coat is an easily applied glass protection for vehicles


• Concentrated product
• Protection for wind screens
• More easily washed surfaces
• Water repellent surfac

Application instructions

Make sure the glass is clean and dry before applying.
Spray some of the product on the surface to be treated. Use a non-absorbent paper to disperse the product evenly over the glass. Apply the product in circular motions until the surface is completely covered by the product. Wait until the product is almost dried, polish the surface with a microfiber cloth until the surface is clean and glossy.
Correctly applied, the result lasts about 3-6 months


The product is ready to use, should not be diluted


458002 – 0,5L

The product image should be seen as an illustration. Some deviation from reality may occur.