Brush Cleaner Winter

Brush shampoo for vehicle winter wash

Brush Cleaner Winter
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Fields of application

Brush Cleaner Winter is designed for use in automated brush washing facilities.


– Effective.
– Removes grease, oil, pollution and insect stains.
– The friction of the brushes protects the vehicle’s surface.
– Reduces brush level to match degree of soiling.
– Compatible with wax and prevents stripes on the treated surface.
– Maintains brush cleanliness even under heavy usage.
– Quickly separates oil/water in the oil separator (easy to separate = asf).
– NTA free.

Application instructions

Vehicle wash Place product in the system Adjust dosage in the machine as needed. Start wash program.
Instructions for use: Do not allow cleaning solution to dry out. Store in a frost-free area.


0.5% solution or adjust as needed.


547025 – 25L
547200 – 200L

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