Baseon grundpolish

Base polish and pore filler

Baseon grundpolish

Fields of application

Durable base polish with pore-filling properties for all types of floors, excellent for linoleum floors. Superior adhesion. Very easy to iron out. Provides a secure attachment for wax and polish. Good resistance to alkali. Contains polyurethane. When removing a surface protection product such as polish or bone wax, Baseon remains as a safe protection.


– Contains polyurethane.
– Can be surface treated with bon wax or polish.

Application instructions

Clean the floor thoroughly before basic treatment. Use Goaway or Dipex. Spread Baseon in 1-2 even layers on the floor surface. Allow the floor to dry for at least 2 hours between ironing and before surface or top treatment. The surface can be walked on after approx. 30 minutes.

The product must not be stored cold.


Ready to use


GP-161323 – 5L

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