At Blue & Green, we are experts in cleaning products for the professional market.


We have the market’s widest range and many years of experience in the development, production and sale of effective cleaning products, which we sell throughout Europe. Our headquarters are located in Sweden, but we are also represented at sales offices in Denmark and Norway, in addition to having an extensive network of dealers.


Our customers

Our clients include some of the market’s best known and most respected companies, These are companies that we work closely with, and who have helped to develop, test and approve many of our products.


Our products

New products are developed with respect for both the environment and for the economy, but also with a focus on the products’ efficiency and quality.

We have our own laboratory and production facility in Landskrona in southern Sweden. Here we test all our products to ensure that they are effective, but also gentle for the employees who need to use the products in their daily working life.

Our cooperation also means that we supply not only chemicals, but also training and support for our customers regarding the use of our solutions. We have the resources, knowledge and experience to develop and adapt concepts that match our customers’ needs.

The close cooperation with our customers has resulted in a wide range of unique products with uniquely efficient properties.



Our certifications

Blue & Green is ISO certified and our products are approved and affiliated with a variety of different environmental schemes. See CERTIFICATIONS


The high level of requirements that we impose on ourselves, we also impose on our suppliers, because this is the only way to ensure that the products we sell are developed and produced with full respect for our environment.